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Professional Dog Grooming for all breeds, ages and sizes. 

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About Us


Hello, my name is Katelyn and I am the owner of Molly & Me. A Dog Groomer, Dog Lover, and all around Dog Enthusiast. I have been Grooming for 6 years, and have a real passion for this industry but mainly I am passionate about my clients and this is exactly why I started Molly & Me Dog Grooming.


I searched far and wide to create a team that share the same vision as me, the perfect additions, true dog lovers. I am proud of our incredible team and together we are always learning and growing in our profession.

I wanted to create a Grooming Salon that welcomed not only your furry family member, but you too! I love working with dogs and for me this work is always based around building trust with you and your pup, because ultimately your dog deserves a Groomer who loves them and all their little quirks just as much as you do. - Katelyn 

The dog behind the name


The dog behind the name

Molly was my childhood dog, I was blessed to grow up alongside a dog with a heart as pure as can be. The very reason I found my passion, a passion that ultimately lead me to a career I love so very much.

We lost our beautiful girl to Cancer in 2017 a few months after her 12th Birthday but not before she shared every ounce of love she had. Molly was a wonderful big sister to our oldest dog Maverick, she helped show him the ropes and made sure he had all the skills to support us just as she had. We find him often sitting on Mollys Step where she used to spend her mornings soaking up the sun, we believe that she still guides him here.


Molly & Me is named after the worlds silliest Labrador, my darling girl and first best friend. A daily reminder of where this all began, in happy times and in sad when it was just Molly & Me.

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