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Your local award winning, fear free certified professionals.

Helping your pup achieve their signature style!

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our services

walk in nail trims welcome

BASIC groom

Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial)  & blow-dry, full body clip 13mm and under, head styled, sanitary trim, brush, comb and nail clip.

STYLE groom

Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial)  & fluff dry, full body comb clip (over 13mm), Teddy Style,  Breed Style Clips, sanitary trim, brush, comb and nail clip.

double coated full groom

Deluxe Bath (including our de shedding shampoo and conditioner and a facial) & blow-dry, brush out, and line comb to ensure removal of all undercoat, and nail clip. A tidy of the feathering and feet is also available upon owners request.

Maintenance trim

Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial)  & blow-dry, sanitary trim, brush, comb and nail clip.

Perfect for in-between grooms.

Bath and blow dry

short hair

Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial)  & blow-dry, brush, card out of excess undercoat, nail clip.

Bath and blow dry

long hair

Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial) & Blow-dry, line brush & comb, nail clip.


spa speciality

additional charges


Deluxe Bath (including conditioner and a facial)  & blow-dry, sanitary trim, brush, comb and nail clip.

Perfect for introducing your puppy to the world of grooming without overwhelming them! We have a strong focus on creating a positive association with us, the grooming process and the salon.

Ask our staff about our optional extras to get the most out of your pups spa day.

at the discretion of the groomer 

Additional charges that may be added by the groomer as such services require further products and time.

All services are subject to our terms and conditions, you will find these below.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy

As a small business late cancellations/ rescheduling have a direct affect on our on our Salon. We appreciate that things can and do come up and understand that some circumstances are well beyond your control- therefor these particular situations will be judged on a case by case basis. 

Please note that the following fees will now be payable if you wish to book with us again:

  • Cancelling an appointment the day before  it is scheduled will result in a $50 fee  added to your account which will be payable prior to or at your next appointment. 

  • No shows (not arriving at the appointment without providng any notification) result in the full service fee to  be paid prior to us booking/ honouring your next appointment with us.


At Molly & Me Dog Grooming we use extreme caution and care when handling your pet, whilst accidents are rare when working with live animals there will always be a risk. Grooming equipment is extremely sharp and possible accidents can occur, these include but are not limited to: cuts, nicks, scratches, or quicking of the nails. In most cases these accidents occur whilst a pet is wriggling or moving around. Your pets safety and comfort is always our number one priority. In the event an accident does occur you will be notified immediately, if your groomer feels as though your dog requires immediate medical attention and the pet owner is not contactable we will seek vetinery care for your animal.

Health or Medical Problems

Occasionally grooming can expose or aggravate hidden medical problems or a current one. This can occur during or after grooming, all medical expenses related to underlying health or medical problems will remain the responsibility of the owner.

Matted Coats

Dogs with matted coats require extra care and attention. Matting in your pets coat can grow tight causing damage to the skin making it a breeding ground for bacteria and infestations. The removal of matting can cause nicks, cuts, abrasions or clipper rash due to the closeness of the coat to the skin. Matted coats can also trap moisture and urine close to the skin allowing mould, fungus and bacteria to grow which can produce skin irritations once the hair is removed. The following are some of the after effects of matt removal: itchiness, skin redness or rashes, self- inflicted irritations or abrasions, failure of hair to re grow and in some cases pets can also exhibit brief changes in behaviour. If your pet needs to be shaved to remove matting, you acknowledge that you agree to this procedure and any risk presented. There will be an additional charge for this process as it is very time consuming and causes extra wear and tear on our equipment.

*Molly & me dog grooming and its employees reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service to any pet if we feel that is in your dogs best interest.

*Molly & Me Dog Grooming and its employees reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service at any point should we feel that the behaviour of the owner is in any way rude, disrespectful or threatening. 


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